Air Cargo

With hundreds of countries in the world, SJL Logistics provides air shipment to all four corners of the globe. Connecting cargo while maintaining and monitoring controlled temperature perishables and dry cargo to and from Asia, Europe, South America, North America and any other location serviced by air.  We offer reasonable prices and professional service. Flexibility to make any request simple and easy. There are not many logistics companies in the world that can supply you with top notch services in management, distribution and security from start to finish and beyond the way as SJL Logistics can. Years of expertise in various industries such as perishables and retail have helped to shape great quality service for any of your shipping needs. Controlling and continually finding new ways to ensure the flow of your product to your desired location is of the highest standard at SJL Logistics makes us the number one choice in logistics for your product and needs.

From trucking flowers to fresh produce, SJL Logistics provides modes of transport that will ensure your product gets to where it needs to be quickly and efficiently. We are certified IAC with TSA bonded warehouse capabilities and provide complete transfer monitoring from arrival until connecting departure while also providing inbound documentation. Always putting customers first, we are reliable and comply with any special requirements that you may have while ultimately creating the best  experience.

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